Biology Course Numbering Scheme

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; First-Year Seminars;
100-199 Courses intended for non-Biology majors; Focus program courses
201L - 202L Gateway to Biology courses: introdcuctory course series, required of all Biology majors
204-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Course Notes
BIOLOGY20 General Biology Credit for Advanced Placement on the basis of the College Board Examination in biology
BIOLOGY89S First-Year Seminar Fall 2017 offerings
BIOLOGY128FS Evolutionary Genomics NS, STS Fall 2017 Offering; Focus program course
BIOLOGY148FS Genomics of Host-Microbe Interactions: The Symbiotic Web NS, R, STS Fall 2017 Offering; Focus program course
BIOLOGY153 Ecosystem Health and Human Well-Being NS, STS
BIOLOGY154 AIDS and Other Emerging Diseases NS, STS
BIOLOGY156 Genetics, Genomics, and Society: Implications for the 21st Century EI, NS, SS, STS
BIOLOGY157 The Dynamic Oceans NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY158 Plants and Human Use NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY161 Plants of Duke Campus NS
BIOLOGY162 Evolution of Life NS, STS
BIOLOGY175LA Marine Biology EI, NS, STS
BIOLOGY180FS Global Diseases NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Biology
BIOLOGY190FS Focus Program Topics in Biology NS
BIOLOGY190S Topics in Modern Biology NS
BIOLOGY199D Introduction to Biological Thinking NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY201L Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY201LA Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology NS, STS Fall 2017 offering; Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY202L Gateway to Biology: Genetics and Evolution NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY202LA Gateway to Biology: Genetics and Evolution NS, STS Fall 2017 offering; Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY205 Marine Megafauna NS, STS
BIOLOGY206L Organismal Diversity NS last offering was Fall 2015
BIOLOGY207 Organismal Evolution NS
BIOLOGY209(D)-1 Ecology of Human Health NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY209D-2 Ecology for a Crowded Planet NS, STS
BIOLOGY212L General Microbiology NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY213 Cell Signaling and Diseases NS
BIOLOGY215 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling in Biology NS, QS, R
BIOLOGY215L Introduction to Modeling in Mathematical Biology NS, QS, R
BIOLOGY218 Biological Clocks: How Organisms Keep Time NS
BIOLOGY220 Cellular and Developmental Biology NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY223 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology NS
BIOLOGY224 Fundamentals of Neuroscience (B) NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY228 Food and Fuel for a Growing Population: Nuts and Bolts of Plant Growth and Production NS, STS
BIOLOGY248 Evolution of Animal Form NS, R, W
BIOLOGY250 Population Genetics NS
BIOLOGY251L Molecular Evolution NS, QS, R
BIOLOGY255 Philosophy of Biology CZ, NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY262 People, Plants and Pollution: Introduction to Urban Environments NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY263 Biological Responses to Climate Change NS, W
BIOLOGY267 Behavioral Ecology NS, R, STS, W
BIOLOGY270A Conservation Biology and Policy EI, NS, STS
BIOLOGY272A Analysis of Ocean Ecosystems NS
BIOLOGY273LA Marine Ecology NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY275A Biology for Engineers: Informing Engineering Decisions NS, STS
BIOLOGY278LA Physiology of Marine Animals NS, R, W
BIOLOGY279LA Sound in the Sea: Introduction to Marine Bioacoustics NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY280A Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS Costa Rica
BIOLOGY280LA Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS, R Costa Rica
BIOLOGY281LA Research Methods in Tropical Biology NS, R, W Costa Rica
BIOLOGY282LA Introduction to Field Ethnobiology NS, STS Costa Rica
BIOLOGY283A Tropical Disease, Environmental Change and Human Health NS, STS Costa Rica
BIOLOGY284A South African Ecosystems and Diversity NS, STS South Africa
BIOLOGY285LA Field Research in Savana Ecology NS, R, W South Africa
BIOLOGY287A Biodiversity of Alaska NS, STS Summer only
BIOLOGY288A Biogeography in an Australian Context NS, STS Summer only
BIOLOGY290 Topics in Biology NS
Biology290.01 Sp16 Ecology and Human Health NS, STS Course renumbered to Bio 209D-1
BIOLOGY290S Seminar in Biology NS
BIOLOGY290S Sp17 Topics in Herpetology Topics in Herpetology NS
BIOLOGY293 Research Independent Study R Available every term
BIOLOGY293-1 Research Independent Study R
BIOLOGY293A Research Independent Study R
BIOLOGY293A-1 Research Independent Study R
BIOLOGY304 Biological Data Analysis NS, QS Fall 2017 offering, formerly numbered BIO 204
BIOLOGY311 Systems Biology: An Introduction for the Quantitative Sciences NS
BIOLOGY319A Coastal Watershed Science and Policy NS, STS
BIOLOGY321 Primate Sexuality NS, STS
BIOLOGY321(D) Primate Sexuality NS, STS
BIOLOGY322 From Neurons to Brain NS
BIOLOGY329D Principles of Animal Physiology NS Fall 2017 offering. CANNOT use both BIO 329 and CELL BIO 503 towards the BIO major
BIOLOGY329L Principles of Animal Physiology NS, R, W CANNOT use both BIO 329 and CELL BIO 503 towards the BIO major
BIOLOGY330L Comparative and Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates NS Fall 2017 offering. Can be used for Div req OR struc/function, but NOT BOTH!
BIOLOGY335LA Unoccupied Aircraft Systems in Scientific Research NS, STS
BIOLOGY341L Plant Communities of North Carolina NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY342L Plant Systematics and Evolution NS, STS
BIOLOGY344S Plant Diversity: a Field Approach NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY345 Dinosaurs with Feathers and Whales with Legs: Major Evolutionary Transitions in the Fossil Record NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY346 Symbiosis: From Organelles to Microbiomes NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY350 Complex Traits and Evolutionary Genetics NS
BIOLOGY361LS Field Ecology NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY365 From Influenza A to Varicella Zoster: The Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution of Infectious Disease NS
BIOLOGY369LA Biological Oceanography NS, R Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY372LA Biochemistry of Marine Animals NS, R, W
BIOLOGY373LA Sensory Physiology and Behavior of Marine Animals NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY374LA Marine Molecular Ecology NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY375A Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles NS, STS
BIOLOGY375LA Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles NS, STS
BIOLOGY376A Marine Mammals NS, STS Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY376LA Marine Mammals NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY377LA Marine Invertebrate Zoology NS, R Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY378LA Marine Ichthyology NS, STS
BIOLOGY379LA Research Methods in Marine Science NS, R, W
BIOLOGY380LA Marine Molecular Microbiology NS
BIOLOGY384A Marine Conservation Biology - a Practicum NS, STS
BIOLOGY385L Integrative Neurosci Lab NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Biology
BIOLOGY412S Sensory Signal Transduction NS, R
BIOLOGY414LS Experiments in Developmental and Molecular Genetics NS, R Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY415S Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Colloquium NS
BIOLOGY416L Experimental Molecular Biology NS, R, W Formerly numbered BIO 214L
BIOLOGY417S Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology NS, STS
BIOLOGY418 Introduction to Biophysics NS, QS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY419S The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control NS
BIOLOGY420 Cancer Genetics NS, R
BIOLOGY421S Biology of Nervous System Diseases NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY425 Biophysics II NS, QS
BIOLOGY426S Visual Processing NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY427S Current Topics in Sensory Biology NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY429S How Organisms Move NS Fall 2017 offering; taught previously under Bio 490S
BIOLOGY430S Advanced Anatomy NS
BIOLOGY431S Human Embryology EI, NS, STS
BIOLOGY445A Climate Change in the Marine Environment EI, NS, STS Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY450S Genomics of Adaptation: A Modern Look at Evolution NS
BIOLOGY452S Genes & Development NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY453S Gene-Environment Interaction: Genes in an Ecological Context NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY454S Physiological Genetics of Disease NS, QS, R
BIOLOGY490 Topics in Biology NS
BIOLOGY490S Special Topics Seminar NS Fall 2017 offerings
BIOLOGY490S Fall 2016 Extreme Animal Adaptations Extreme Animal Adaptations NS
BIOLOGY490S Sp15 Extreme Life Styles Topics in Ecology and Evolution: Extreme Life Styles NS
BIOLOGY490T Tutorial Available every term
BIOLOGY490T-1 Tutorial
BIOLOGY490TA Tutorial (Topics)
BIOLOGY490TA-1 Tutorial (Topics)
BIOLOGY493 Research Independent Study R Available every term
BIOLOGY493A Research Independent Study
BIOLOGY495 Scientific Argument in Writing W
BIOLOGY515 Principles of Immunology NS, R Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY516 Developmental Biology NS
BIOLOGY517S From Neurons to Development: The Role of Epigenetics in Plasticity NS
BIOLOGY540L Mycology NS
BIOLOGY546LS Biology of Mammals NS
BIOLOGY547L Entomology NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY554 Genomic Perspectives on Human Evolution NS, R, STS, W
BIOLOGY555S Problems in the Philosophy of Biology NS, STS
BIOLOGY556 Systematic Biology NS
BIOLOGY556L Systematic Biology NS
BIOLOGY557L Microbial Ecology and Evolution NS, R
BIOLOGY559S Foundations of Behavioral Ecology NS
BIOLOGY561 Tropical Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY563S Stormwater Science: Pollution, Pavement, and Precipitation NS
BIOLOGY564 Biogeochemistry NS, STS
BIOLOGY565L Biodiversity Science and Application NS, R
BIOLOGY570LA-1 Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology NS, R Fall 2017 offering; *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.,
BIOLOGY570LA-2 Marine Ecology of the Pacific Coast of California NS, STS *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.
BIOLOGY570LA-3 Harmony in Brittany: French Use of Marine Environments NS, STS *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.
BIOLOGY571A Sojourn in Singapore: Urban Tropical Ecology CCI, NS, SS, STS Summer ENV/PPS 390A version DOESN'T count for BIO major reqs.
BIOLOGY588S Macroevolution NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY590 Topics in Biology NS
BIOLOGY590S Seminar (Topics) NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY605S Modeling biological systems using Matlab NS, QS
BIOLOGY627 Molecular Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY650 Molecular Population Genetics NS
BIOLOGY651S Speciation NS
BIOLOGY652S The Life and Work of Darwin NS
BIOLOGY660 Coalescence and Evolution NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY665 Bayesian Inference for Environmental Models NS
BIOLOGY668 Population Ecology NS
BIOLOGY669 Simulating Ecological and Evolutionary Systems NS
BIOLOGY678 Population Ecology for a Changing Planet NS, STS
BIOLOGY701 Succeeding in Graduate School in the Biological Sciences Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY702 Succeeding Beyond Grad School: Career Options with a PhD in the Biological Sciences
BIOLOGY705S Seminar in Teaching Biology Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY706 Grant Writing NS
BIOLOGY711S Ecology Seminar Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY712S Plant Systematics Seminar Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY718S Developmental, Cellular, and Molecular Biology Seminar Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY723 Statistical Computing for Biologists
BIOLOGY726 Dynamic Modeling of Biological Systems
BIOLOGY728 Genetic Approaches to the Solution of Biological Problems Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY730 Evolutionary Mechanisms
BIOLOGY772LA Biochemistry of Marine Animals
BIOLOGY773 Marine Ecology
BIOLOGY773LA Marine Ecology Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY777LA Marine Invertebrate Zoology Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY778LA Physiology of Marine Animals
BIOLOGY784LA Sound in the Sea: Introduction to Marine Bioacoustics
BIOLOGY790 Topics in Biology
BIOLOGY790S Special Topics Seminar Fall 2017 offerings
BIOLOGY791T Tutorial
BIOLOGY791TA Tutorial
BIOLOGY792 Research
BIOLOGY792A Research
BIOLOGY841 Ecological perspectives: Individuals to communities