List of Biology Advisors

Each biology major is assigned a faculty advisor by the Undergraduate Studies office. The assignments may be based on a student's interest in a particular area of biology or a preference for a particular advisor. Students may indicate their preferences by filling out an Advisor Request Form, however some advisors may not be available to due a full roster or sabbatical leave. New majors are encouraged to fill out an advisor request form in parallel with submitting their declaration. Advisor assignments may be changed on the student's request and may also change because of sabbatical leaves and other demands on faculty time.

Faculty advisors are available by appointment during the semester to discuss all aspects of the student's academic concerns, including post graduation plans. Questions and problems that cannot be resolved by the faculty advisor should be directed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Any exceptions to major requirements or questions about transfer of credit should be directed to the Associate DUS. 

  • Ryan Baugh              
  • Amy Bejsovec - area advisor for Genetics Concentration
  • Sherryl Broverman                                                           
  • Cliff Cunningham                   
  • Xinnian Dong                         
  • Kathleen Donohue 
  • Jean Philippe Gibert                        
  • Steve Haase 
  • Alison Hill                                          
  • Sonke Johnsen - area advisor for Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics concentration
  • Francois Lutzoni
  • Paul Magwene             
  • Paul Manos - area advisor for Plant Bio concentration                           
  • David McClay - area advisor for Cell & Molecular concentration                        
  • Dan McShea - area advisor for Evolutionary Biology concentration 
  • William Morris                                              
  • Fred Nijhout                     
  • Sheila Patek - area advisor for Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics concentration
  • Zhen-Ming Pei                  
  • Kathleen Pryer                         
  • Mark Rausher
  • Julie Reynolds                                             
  • V. Louise Roth - on sabbatical Spring 2021
  • Jessica Sawyer - area advisor for Pharmacology concentration                    
  • Jon Shaw                                
  • David Sherwood -  area advisor for Cell & Molecular concentration                    
  • Nina Sherwood - area advisor for Neurobiology concentration    
  • Gustavo Silva                                            
  • Tai-ping Sun - area advisor for Biochemistry concentration                                           
  • Marcy Uyenoyama
  • Rytas Vilgalys                                       
  • Pelin Volkan
  • John Willis                              
  • Will Wilson
  • Greg Wray                      
  • Justin Wright - area advisor for Ecology concentration

Advisors available for students concentrating in Marine Biology: Dana Hunt, Zackary Johnson, Dan Rittschof, Brian Silliman, Tom Schultz