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The areas of concentration serve as advising tools, guiding students to more narrowly focus their course selection around classes most relevant to a specific sub-discipline of the Biological Sciences.

Approximately 20% of Biology Majors will elect to complete the requirements for one of 12 optional areas of concentration. Completion of concentration requirements will be noted on your transcript at graduation.

Students can declare a concentration during the initial major declaration process. Sophomores and Juniors who need to add or change a concentration after declaring the BIO major should do so via the Academic Plan change form on the Registrar's website. Students graduating within the current academic year should submit requests for concentration adds/changes to the Trinity Graduation Staff. Reach out to the appropriate area advisor with questions regarding concentration requirements, and note that those are not programmed into the What-If & Advisement Reports on Dukehub. The advisor request form can be used to request a switch to a concentration area advisor if desired.