Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Who do I talk to for new hire information and help?: Getting set up on Duke Payroll, obtaining my Duke ID, securing parking, directions for mail and shipping needs.

Katherine Trinajstich is our Human Resources and Payroll Specialist and can provide guidelines on new hires. Contact as soon as you identify a candidate for hire. New employees must be set up on Duke Corporate Payroll before beginning work.

How do I obtain keys to my office and lab space?

Email, our internal ticketing platform for all requests/inquiries that are related to keys.

How it works:

  • Send your key requests/inquiries to
  • Response time will be 24-48 business hours
  • Coordination of key pickup and/or drop-off will be 9am to 4pm, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
  • Undergrad students will require a $10 cash deposit per key payable at the time of pickup and will be refunded when returning the key.

How do I join departmental listservs?

The following staff can subscribe you to our various listservs:

  • Biology — all department members, general announcements: Katherine Trinajstich (, Mai Nguyen (
  • Biograds — all current Biology and program grad students: Donnyell Batts (
  • Biostaff — administrative and research staff: Katherine Trinajstich, Mai Nguyen
  • Biopostdocs — postdoctoral associates: Katherine Trinajstich, Mai Nguyen
  • Bioprimary — all current, active faculty: Katherine Trinajstich, Mai Nguyen
  • Biofaculty — all Bioprimary plus emeriti, secondary and adjunct faculty: Katherine Trinajstich, Mai Nguyen
  • Greenhouse — all Greenhouse users: Jorge Fidhel-Gonzalez (
  • Phytotron — all Phytotron users: Greg Piotrowski (

How do I create and manage my Duke online profile?

Directory and website information is pulled from several sources including your Payroll listing and from information you may create and edit at Scholars@Duke. For questions about Scholars@Duke not covered in the FAQs and user guides, please contact Biology’s Power Users Donnyell Batts or Katherine Trinajstich.

Computing support

Who do I contact to order a laptop or find support for issues on my current system?

Email to open a ticket with Biology IT group. Include your office location and a brief description of the issue or use this link to create a ticket in your web browser that drops directly to the team: On some Apple computers there is also an icon with the Biology logo that will launch the same link. You can also use the QR code on the door of 150 in BioSci Building to create a ticket on your smartphone.

Room reservations

How do I reserve a room for my lab/committee/prelim meetings?

Email for room reservation requests.

How it works:

  • Response time will be 24-48 business hours

Contacts Jill Foster ( or Kat Zeph ( can help troubleshoot any issues you might have reserving BioSci and French conference rooms.

  • Registrar-controlled classrooms may be reserved once classes for the upcoming term have been scheduled, generally 30 days prior to the start of the semester. Contact Jill or Kat to facilitate these requests. These rooms include French 2237 (capacity 36) and 4233 (capacity 53).

    Zoom carts for meetings in French are supported by the Trinity A&S A/V team and require advance notice — at least one week is recommended. Contacts above can help reserve zoom carts.
  • BioSci controlled rooms and their capacities include:

    BioSci 139 (15); 144 (38)
    French 3319 (10); 4217 (4-6); 4219 (15); 4320 (10)
Location Capacity Description & features To reserve Best for
2231 French 179 Auditorium. AV console, Panopto recording enabled 25Live Large classes, seminars and meetings
2237 French 36 Lecture room, Panopto recording enabled 25Live Seminars, meetings
3319 French 10 Conference room, whiteboard, video screen Biology staff Lab and committee meetings, prelims, closed-door defenses
4217 French 4-6 Conference room, whiteboard Biology staff Small group meetings
4219 French 15 Conference room, whiteboard, video screen, disc microphones Biology staff Lab and committee meetings, prelims, closed-door defenses
4233 French 53 Classroom, whiteboards, zoom cart, disc microphones, audio can be
25Live Classes, seminars and meetings
4320 French 10 Conference room, whiteboard, video screen Biology staff Lab and committee meetings, prelims, closed-door defenses
111 BioSci 344 Auditorium. AV console, Panopto recording enabled 25Live Large classes, seminars
139 BioSci 10-15 Conference room, Zoom cart, whiteboard, pulldown screen Biology staff Lab and committee meetings, prelims, closed-door defenses
144 BioSci 38 Lecture room. AV enabled, zoom cart, whiteboards 25Live Classes, seminars and meetings

Our staff can provide additional information and guidance on reserving rooms not listed above.

How do I schedule a Zoom cart for my class or meeting?

We work with to request Zoom carts for French building events. BioSci zoom carts are coordinated through Biology — either Jill or the IT team.


I need to purchase equipment, research or office supplies. Who do I contact for guidelines?

Contact Mai Nguyen for guidance on the appropriate office and process.

  • Mai will assist with obtaining your Duke Procurement card.
  • Jim Tunney ( is your resource for questions on Duke’s spending policies and oversees: Biology department accounts, Faculty discretionary accounts, Grad Student accounts

How do I navigate the Duke Grant award process?

Mai Nguyen oversees Biology’s Grants administration team. Mai and the Grants administration team are your resource for navigating Duke’s awards administration and liaison with the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Shipping, mail

Is there a difference between FedEx Express and FedEx Ground pickup?

Yes. FedEx Express picks up daily M-F around 3:30 p.m. FedEx Ground has to be scheduled for pickup Ground can take 1-3 days for pickup.

Where do I find FedEx or shipping supplies?

Shipping supplies (packing peanuts, bubble-wrap, packing tape, empty boxes, FedEx envelopes/boxes) are in the mail room for anyone’s use.

Does the department have a UPS account?

No. Biology does not have a UPS account, but there is a box labeled “UPS'' for pickups. A pickup would have to be scheduled directly with UPS.

Is there a scheduled delivery time for FedEx or UPS deliveries?

No. They deliver based upon the type of delivery (first AM, afternoon, Express or Ground…) selected by the sender. Deliveries can be multiple times a day.

What information is required for FedEx Shipments?

Print out an additional shipping label and include the code or grant to charge. If grant-related, include details/purpose of the shipment and sign the form. Place it in the envelope by the FedEx pickup, or Jim Tunney’s mailbox.

Why was my FedEx Express package not picked up? What should be done?

On occasion, especially when a temp driver is assigned the route, FedEx will not pick up by 3:30. If it is still there by 4:30, make an attempt to call before 5 p.m. to schedule a “late pickup.” When calling they will request a tracking number and the number of packages. Otherwise the package can be dropped off at any FedEx/Kinkos location, usually before 6:30. Dry Ice shipments can only be delivered to the 2311 Englert Drive, Durham 27713 location.

What information should be included on US Postal Mail?

Mail and packages (frequently Amazon) require the Box 90338 designation. Mail/packages will be delayed by Duke Postal Services when it is missing the Box number. They use the Box number, not street/building address for deliveries.

What time is the mail delivered/picked-up?

Campus mail is typically delivered around 1:30 each day.

My package said it was delivered, but it is not in the mail room.

Packages shipped via the US Postal Service (Amazon) are delivered and signed-for by Duke Postal Operations then delivered to the dept the same or next business day. Packages can also be delivered directly to the lab, the Ev Anth mailroom or the FFSC loading dock for large shipments. Packages may also be misdelivered. Biology receives 1-2 packages a month designated for another building/dept.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Who do I contact about my office/lab functions or other space issues?

Mai Nguyen is your first contact for general questions about BioSci and French space.

  • Duke’s Facilities Management supports university building maintenance and repairs:

Visitors to Duke

I want to invite a job candidate to Duke. Where do I start?

Jim Tunney can provide guidelines on spending allowances for guests of the department.

Your grants administrator can provide guidelines on your award’s spending allowances.

Advertising for a job opening

How do I place a job announcement?

Contact Mai Nguyen. Mai will advise how to identify appropriate job categories and walk you through Duke’s Human Resources job posting process.

Duke Bioscience Greenhouse

How do I schedule a tour at Duke Bioscience Greenhouse Teaching Collection?

Please send an email to, with the most relevant information about your visit (visit date and time/duration, how many people, if you are interested in a special group of plants or not.)

Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your visit.

How do you request a rental space in the Duke Bioscience Greenhouse research area?

Please send an email to Jorge Fidhel Gonzalez ( with the most relevant information about your experiment: Environmental conditions that your experiment will need, the type of crop, and how many sq. feet you need, how many months you may need to rent the space, etc.

Our team will process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

I am a professor at Duke University, and I need to grow or borrow some plants from the Duke Bioscience Greenhouse Teaching Collection. How can I contact Duke Bioscience Greenhouse?

Our mission is to support our community, professors, and staff in all academic activities. Please send a message to or a direct email to Kristin Dimac-Stohl (

We will be happy to process your request and contact you as soon as possible.

Where is Duke Bioscience Greenhouse building, and what is the best way to get there?

Duke Bioscience Greenhouse is located behind the French Family Science Center building (124 Science. Drive, Durham, NC 27708). The best way to get there on foot is by following these directions from Science Drive:

  1. Go to the lobby of The French Family Science Center building (124 Science Dr.).
  2. Take the elevator located on the opposite side of the lobby (Elevator #2).
  3. Go to level # 1 (Basement).
  4. Turn right after you get out of the elevator.
  5. Turn right again, and you will see the Chemistry Department office in front of you,
  6. Walk several steps, turn right again,
  7. You will see a hallway; walk down this hallway all the way to the end.
  8. At the end, there are metal doors.
  9. Use your Duke ID card on the left-hand side card reader to access the Greenhouse Supply Hallway (Zone 19).
  10. Walk straight down the Greenhouse supply hallway to the end, and you will find the main Greenhouse door.
  11. Use the card reader to access Duke Bioscience Greenhouse.

Please arrange your visit with Duke Greenhouse staff,, prior to your visit.

Duke Phytotron

What is the Phytotron?

The Duke Phytotron houses controlled environment chambers available to anyone needing stable and controllable environmental conditions for research projects in botany, zoology, and engineering. The name is derived from two words Phyto - meaning plant, and Tron - meaning machine. Plant machine refers to the over 70 growth chambers that are available.

How do I request chamber space in the Phytotron?

If you or your lab would like to rent research space in the Phytotron, contact the manager, Greg Piotrowski ( or chamber specialist Max Betts ( to discuss availability and set up card access to the building.

Where is the Phytotron located?

The Duke Phytotron is located behind the French Family Science Center (FFSC, 124 Science Drive). Walk through the main door of the FFSC and across the lobby to the doors at the opposite end. As you exit, the Phytotron building will be directly in front of you and the Bioscience Greenhouses to your left.

How do I arrange a visit to the Phytotron?

Please contact us at to schedule a visit.