Interdepartmental Majors (IDM)

For an IDM in Biology, students need to meet a set of minimum requirements that is similar to the Biology major and incorporate electives that are more tailored to fit into their IDM. An IDM is not two mega-minors, but a cohesive set of courses that might be found as a major at another university.

Please read through Trinity College's requirements for a student-proposed IDM (and the application form is available from that page).


Pre- and Co-Requisites

7 courses in Biology

Gateway Courses in Biology (1 or 2 courses) 
  • Molecular Biology (Biology 201L) prereq; Chem 101DL or equivalent
  • Genetics & Evolution (Biology 202L)


  • Molecular Biology, Genetics & Evolution (Biology 203L) prereq; BIO AP 5 & Chem 101DL or equivalent 
Biology Area Menus (2 courses): 1 approved course in 2 of the 3 following areas

Note: A course listed in two areas may only be used to meet one area requirement. 

Biology Electives (3 or 4 courses) 

Take 3 electives relevant to your IDM (4 if you took Bio 203L). Can include one semester of approved Independent Study, and one approved alternative elective

Among the courses taken to fulfill the Area Menu and Elective requirements, complete one Biology course at the 400 level or above (a capstone course) and one course with a lab (which can be satisfied by an Independent Study)

Questions about a Biology IDM? Contact our Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Eric Spana.