Organismal Diversity

Area: Organismal Diversity

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Course Notes
BIOLOGY207 Organismal Evolution NS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY212L General Microbiology NS Can be used for Div req OR struc/function, but NOT BOTH! offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY273LA Marine Ecology NS, R, W Can be used for Div req OR ecology, but NOT BOTH! offered Spring 2019, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY280A Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS No longer offered
BIOLOGY280LA Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS, R No longer offered
BIOLOGY284A South African Ecosystems and Diversity NS, STS No longer offered
BIOLOGY287A Biodiversity of Alaska NS, STS Summer only
BIOLOGY288A Biogeography in an Australian Context NS, STS Summer only
BIOLOGY290S Sp17 Topics in Herpetology Topics in Herpetology NS
BIOLOGY330L Comparative and Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates NS Can be used for Div req OR struc/function, but NOT BOTH!
BIOLOGY341L Plant Communities of North Carolina NS
BIOLOGY342L Plant Systematics and Evolution NS, STS
BIOLOGY344S Plant Diversity: a Field Approach NS
BIOLOGY346 Symbiosis: From Organelles to Microbiomes NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY347L Plants and People NS, STS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY348LS Herpetology NS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY377LA Marine Invertebrate Zoology NS, R
BIOLOGY380LA Marine Molecular Microbiology NS
BIOLOGY540L Mycology NS
BIOLOGY546LS Biology of Mammals NS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY547L Entomology NS
BIOLOGY557L Microbial Ecology and Evolution NS, R offered Spring 2019