Diversity Initiatives


We want to be just, equitable and transparent about the ways we evaluate, compensate, and reward all members of our department. We want to be a department of scholars that gives back to the local and international scientific communities in which we are embedded. We are committed to creating an academic environment enriched by diverse life experiences, where everyone feels respected, heard, and safe. We are dedicated to preventing all forms of discrimination and harassment, and hold all members of our community accountable to our values of equity and justice.

This is a constant work in progress

To help us accomplish our goals, the Biology Department has two Diversity Committees — one departmental committee comprised of faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students (AJED) and another led entirely by graduate students (IDEA). Please visit their specific pages to see the breadth of actions being taken by members of our department to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Read also Trinity College's official Statement on Diversity & Inclusion.

Are you suffering Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Sexual Misconduct?