Undergraduate Program

We support undergraduate scholarly endeavors, train students for an array of careers, and communicate to them the impact and significance of biology. We offer a broad range of learning opportunities, including traditional classroom experiences, hands-on learning in the field and the laboratory, independent study, and full student engagement in research. As a biology major, your career goals may include biological research, health professions, business, or education. 

Why Study Biology?

Did you ever wonder why leaves turn red in the Fall? Or why are some animals so incredibly weird-looking? Maybe you wondered why some people are more predisposed to diseases than others, or how your genetic makeup contributes to making you who you are. Biology is the answer to each and every one of these questions. From proteins inside your cells all the way to the vast extensions of the world's most diverse ecosystems, Biology is the study of life.

A degree in Biology will not only teach you about nature, it will also teach you how to think critically, how to design and conduct research experiments, and how to communicate scientific findings clearly and concisely to your peers and to the general public. 

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Our Degrees

We offer multiple pathways for students to graduate with a Biology degree. Our offerings include both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts, along with 12 optional Concentration areas where you can more narrowly focus your studies. 

A minor in Biology is also available.

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Resources for Students

We've compiled information to assist our current students working toward their degree, as well as those considering our program: