En Route Biology Masters of Science

The following are the requirements for an en route Master of Science Degree in Biology for Biology Ph.D. students.

Course requirements

To obtain an en route Biology M.S. degree, Biology Ph.D. students must take the required number of graded credits in graduate courses as specified by the Graduate School. These courses must include:

  1. At least 24 graded credits in courses at the graduate level, of which at least 9 credits must be in Biology graduate courses taught by primary graduate faculty in the Biology department
  2. At least 30 credits in total (including the 24 graded credits above)

Thesis requirement

Biology Ph.D. students pursuing an en route M.S. degree in Biology have the option of using the research proposal they present to their advisory committee before the preliminary examination (which must be taken before the end of the third year of graduate study) as the thesis document.

The preliminary examination in which the student must defend that research proposal will meet the requirement for a master's examination. The M.S. will be granted if at least two of the committee members vote to pass the student after the preliminary examination, but the advisor must vote to pass.