A Duke alumna and a graduating senior have been awarded the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship for graduate study at Stanford University. Linda Zhang, class of 2020, and Duke University senior Daniel Collins, class of 2024, have each received up to three years of financial support at Stanford University. Zhang and Collins are members of the seventh Knight-Hennessy cohort and are among the 12 Duke students who have received the scholarship since the program welcomed its first class in 2018. Linda Zhang, from Tianjin, China, is… read more about Duke Senior, Alumna Receive Knight-Hennessy Scholarship »

A warm and enthusiastic audience greeted Charmaine DM Royal, Robert O. Keohane Professor of African & African American Studies, Biology, Global Health and Family Medicine & Community Health as she delivered the 2024 Trinity Distinguished Lecture on May 1 at Duke. Her talk, “Shifting Paradigms on Genetics and Race,” reflected on her personal and professional journey as a scholar focusing on the ethical, social and clinical dimensions of human genetics and genomics, particularly as they relate to the intersection of… read more about Charmaine Royal Delivers Trinity Distinguished Lecture »

Isaiah Hamilton is a graduating senior with a major in Biology, and minors in Chemistry and Global Health. He has served as a Trinity Ambassador for the Department of Biology. Trinity Ambassadors are student volunteers, nominated by their departments, to serve in this unique and important role. We asked a few of the ambassadors from the Class of 2024 to share their favorite memories from Duke. The below interview has been slightly edited for clarity. What was one of the most impactful classes you took during your… read more about Class of 2024: Isaiah Hamilton »

Five Duke faculty have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. The NAS elected a total of 120 new members and 24 new international members.  The new NAS members from Duke are: John Aldrich, PhD, Pfizer Inc./Edmund T. Pratt Jr. University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Political Science. His scholarship focuses on American politics and elections. David Beratan… read more about Four Trinity Faculty Elected to National Academy of Sciences »

Emi Hegarty’s distinction project, Biology, Movement and Theater, is a true synthesis of the senior’s four years at Duke. It encompasses not just what she’s learned in her undergraduate career, but also the connections she’s made between her two majors, Theater Studies and Biology. The idea for the project was born when Hegarty was introduced to the concept of Umwelt in Professor Stephen Nowicki’s Mechanisms of Animal Behavior class. Umwelt, she explained, is a notion that Baltic-German… read more about Using Biology to Build a Character’s World »

As a pre-health student majoring in Religious Studies with minors in Biology and Chemistry, Christina Lewis (T, ‘24) wanted her honors project to tie together her academic interests and explore ways in which she, a future clinician, might best serve her patients. Lewis’ thesis focuses on alternative healing practices and how they are applied in Western medical settings. She’s investigating why certain practices with religious or spiritual elements are embraced by integrative medical clinics affiliated with reputable… read more about Combining the Holistic and Academic: A Student’s Look at Alternative Medicine in Traditional Settings »

Five Trinity students made their way to South Bend, Indiana for the 18th annual ACC Meeting of the Minds conference in April. Thang Lian, Sasha Bacot, Julia Davis, Abby Cortez and Trisha Santanam were selected to represent Duke and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in the annual research conference celebrating undergraduate research and creative inquiry. Hosted this year by the University of Notre Dame, the Meeting of the Minds invites students from the 15 Atlantic Coast Conference member schools to participate by… read more about Trinity Students Head to the ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference »

The Duke Centennial gives us the opportunity to reflect on people whose scholarship, behavior and reputation have not only shaped Duke as an institution, but have made a profound impact on their field of research. The late Philip Benfey, a world-renowned plant biologist, is certainly deserving of recognition. His pioneering research, leadership in scientific innovation and dedication to fostering the growth of his mentees have had an immeasurable lasting impact on multiple generations of scientists. Before I ever met… read more about From Cells to Crops, Philip Benfey Found Keys to Success in the Hidden Half of Plants »

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen wasn’t just the preeminent physiologist of the second half of the 20th century. He changed the way physiology was taught. When he published “Animal Physiology: Adaptation and Environment” in 1975, physiology courses focused entirely on human physiology. But Schmidt-Nielsen’s textbook tackled the subject from a comparative perspective, taking biology by storm. It went to five editions, was translated into eight languages and became the leading physiology textbook of its time. Every physiology text… read more about By Studying Extreme Environments, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen Reoriented Biology »

Rohil Watwe cannot remember a time when he didn’t have a deep-rooted passion for healthcare. Drawn to understanding how diseases affect us and the incredible resilience the human body has in overcoming health challenges, his passion intensified in high school as an active member of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club. “Those invaluable experiences in HOSA introduced me to various facets of healthcare, from hands-on activities to competitions and seminars, and they pushed me to pursue a career dedicated… read more about Music Brings Innovative Thinking to Healthcare »

As North Carolina’s top economic driver, agriculture is practiced in every corner of the state. But most of the research and technological innovation that could be available to the $103 billion industry comes from companies and universities in the comparatively small, urban areas of the Triad and Triangle. That imbalance can leave farmers without exposure to research-based techniques and new technologies, particularly those that can help lower the barriers to market entry for limited-resource farmers, said Gregory Goins,… read more about Lucia Strader Part of “Ag Tech Corridor” Project with $1M from National Science Foundation »

Starting in Fall 2024, there’s a new sequence for Introductory Physics at Duke that will impact students in life sciences and prehealth programs who take physics as part of their degree paths. Physics 121 and 122 will be phased in to replace the current two-semester introductory sequence of Physics 141/142.  Physics 121 and 122 differ from 141/142 by featuring a “math along the way” format where Math modules are built into the courses and calculus is not a prerequisite. The new sequence will also employ student-… read more about New Introductory Physics Sequence Starting in Fall 2024 »

Duke University has awarded distinguished professorships to 32 faculty and will recognize them in a ceremony at the Washington Duke Inn on May 23. “I am very pleased to honor these faculty members with distinguished professorships,” said President Vincent Price. “Their outstanding scholarship has advanced knowledge across a wide variety of fields and made a positive impact on society, and I am proud to have them as colleagues.” Distinguished professorships honor faculty who are well-established members of the Duke… read more about Five Trinity Faculty Members Among Those Awarded New Distinguished Professorships for 2024 »

Graduating in 2022 with a B.S. in Biology, a minor in Music and a certificate in Sustainability Engagement from the Nicholas School of the Environment, Pooja Lalwani credits her Duke Music courses for enhancing her STEM scholarship. “The arts at Duke definitely taught me a lot about health and medicine,” she says. “Academically, I was really interested in music therapy and utilizing music as a way to enhance memory.” As an undergrad, Lalwani took elective courses that integrated her three interests, biology, music and… read more about A Prescription for Harmony: How Music Enhances the Pre-Med Journey »

DURHAM, N.C. -- It might look like a comet or a shooting star, but this time-lapse video is actually a tiny plant root, not much thicker than a human hair, magnified hundreds of times as it grows under the microscope. Researchers at Duke University have been making such movies by peering at stem cells near the root’s tip and taking snapshots as they divide and multiply over time, using a technique called light sheet microscopy. The work offers more than a front row seat to the… read more about From Growing Roots, Clues to How Stem Cells Decide Their Fate »