Fellowship Information


NRSA (F32) is due in April, August, and December and eligibility is <2 years of postdoc with decreasing duration of funding if you have been a postdoc for more than one year at the time the award is made. (US CITIZEN/PERM RES ONLY) https://www.nigms.nih.gov/Training/IndivPostdoc/Pages/default.aspx

K99/R00: Due in Feb, June, and October. At least one year of postdoc funding (up to 2) + up to 3 years of support in an independent PI position. <4 years postdoc experience (including for resubmissions, so plan to make a first submission early). (NOT US ONLY) https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-16-193.html



Damon Runyon has a March and an August deadline and you are eligible up to one year from your degree granting date. (NOT US ONLY) https://www.damonrunyon.org/for-scientists/application-guidelines/fellowship

Helen Hay Whitney has a July deadline and you are eligible up to one year after starting your postdoc. (NOT US ONLY) http://hhwf.org/research-fellowship/

LSRF due in Oct, with eligibility up to 5 years after PhD (NOT US ONLY) http://www.lsrf.org/apply/application-instructions

ACS is due in Oct and eligibility runs up to 3-4 years after phd with decreasing durations of funding for each successive year of experience. (US CITIZEN/PERM RESIDENT ONLY) https://www.cancer.org/research/we-fund-cancer-research/apply-research-grant/grant-types/postdoctoral-fellowships.html

Jane Coffin Childs eligible first year post-phd (NOT US ONLY) http://www.jccfund.org/fellowship-information/

HHMI Gray Fellows: 4 years of postdoc+4 years of PI funding, URMs and those from "disadvantaged backgrounds" eligible, <12 months postdoc experience. (NOT US ONLY) www.hhmi.org/research/application/fellow2017



Duke Bio's Charles W. Hargitt Research Fellowship in Zoology (now Biology): molecular and cellular biology lab in Bio Dept. PI nominates and submits the application on your behalf. 3 page research proposal that you write in collaboration with your prospective advisor. Hargitt Fellows may receive either 6 months or a full year of salary support, depending on the funds available. (NOT US ONLY)

Amy Bejsovec, Ph.D. Chair, Hargitt Fellowship Committee Dept. of Biology bejsovec@duke.edu

Regeneration Next 2018 Postdoctoral Fellowships: Full application due March 15, two years of postdoc funding (salary+benefits). Regenerative biology or medicine component to research in any department. See link for instructions. (NOT US ONLY) https://sites.duke.edu/regenerationnext/funding/2018-postdoctoral-fellowships/

Duke Postdoc Professional Development Award: Due March 31 at noon. Up to $1000 for postdoc  conference travel, workshop attendance, and purchase of lab materials (excluding computers). (NOT US ONLY) https://postdoc.duke.edu/duke-postdoctoral-awards/2017-postdoctoral-awards-professional-development

See Foesrster-Bernstein below.



Duke's Foerster-Bernstein Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program for Women in STEM: one year postdoc funding for women in STEM who work in the labs of women PIs. Submit CV, a one page description of intended research area, names and contact information of three references, and the written endorsement of a Duke faculty member they wish to work with to marnie.rhoads@duke.edu due early December. (NOT US ONLY?)

Loreal USA for Women in Science Fellowship: women postdocs eligible, one year of postdoc funding ($60,000). Service component (see link). Due early Feb. (US CITIZEN/PERM RESIDENT ONLY)