Fellowship and Jobs Information


  • Biology post-docs: Listing of post-doc fellowships separated by country and eligibility. Not an exhaustive list, but very comprehensive.


  • The Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (NRSA -F32) is due in April, August, and December. Eligibility includes postdocs with less than two years of postdoctoral experience, with decreasing duration of funding if you have been a postdoc for more than one year at the time the award is made. Fellowship open to US citizens or permanent residents only
  • Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00): Due in Feb, June, and October. At least one year of postdoc funding (up to 2) + up to 3 years of support in an independent PI position. Eligibility includes fewer than 4 years of postdoctoral experience (including for resubmissions, so plan to make a first submission early). Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.


  • The Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (PRFB) provides postdoctoral funding for select areas of Biology. These areas are: (1) Broadening Participation of Groups Underrepresented in Biology, (2) Integrative Research Investigating the Rules of Life Governing Interactions Between Genomes, Environment and Phenotypes, and (3) Plant Genome Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (subject to frequent change, check the NSF website for the most up-to-date information). Open to citizens and permanent residents only. 

Private Foundations:

  • The Damon Runyon Foundation encourages all theoretical and experimental research relevant to the study of cancer and the search for cancer causes, mechanisms, therapies and prevention. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • The Helen Hay Whitney supports early postdoctoral research training in all basic biomedical sciences. You are eligible up to one year after starting your postdoc. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • The Life Science Research Foundation supports postdoctoral researchers engaged in high-quality, creative science in all areas of basic life sciences. Postdocs are eligible up to 5 years after Ph.D.. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike. 
  • The American Cancer Society funds researchers to start training for an independent career in cancer research (including basic, preclinical, clinical, cancer control, psychosocial, behavioral, epidemiology, health services and health policy research). Must be within within 3 years of receiving a doctoral degree may apply for initial funding. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. 
  • The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Funds provides funding for Biomedical research. Applicants must be have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience at the time of the deadline for submitting applications (February 1). PhD. degree must not have been conferred more than 18 months prior to the deadline date). Open to citizens and non-citizens alike. 
  • HHMI's Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program provides 4 years of postdoc + 4 years of PI funding. The goal of the Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program is to recruit and retain individuals from gender, racial, ethnic, and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences, including those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • The Human Frontier Science Program fellowship supports proposals for frontier, potentially transformative research in the life sciences. Applications for high-risk projects are particularly encouraged. The projects should be interdisciplinary in nature and should challenge existing paradigms by using novel approaches and techniques. Scientifically, they should address an important problem or a barrier to progress in the field. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.

Duke Internal Awards

  • Regeneration Next Postdoctoral Fellowships: Two years of postdoc funding (salary+benefits). Regenerative biology or medicine component to research in any department. Open to citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • Duke Postdoc Professional Development Award: Up to $1000 for postdocs professional development needs, by providing reimbursement for activities that directly enhance the individual's professional growth. Such activities include, but are not limited to, conference travel, workshop attendance, and purchase of lab materials (excluding computers). Open to citizens and non-citizens alike. 

Women in Science Fellowships

Job Openings in Biology

  • EcoLog: Ecology listserv which often presents job openings and postdoctoral opportunities 
  • EvolDir: Evolutionary Biology listserv with lists of job openings and postdoctoral opportunities in Evolutionary Biology
  • EcoEvoJobs: Privately maintained complete listing of all job openings in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in a given academic year, with frequent updates and comments from users.