Research Labs

Faculty  Faculty Lab  Focus Areas
Susan Alberts

Alberts Lab

behavioral ecology, social behavior, evolution, biodemography, life history, hormones
Ryan Baugh

Baugh Lab

development, plasticity, genetics, epigenetics, starvation
Amy Bejsovec Bejsovec Lab Developmental genetics, cell signaling, Wnt pathway, pattern formation
Philip Benfey Benfey Lab plant development, genetics, systems biology, transcriptional networks, root architecture
Emily Bernhardt Bernhardt Lab biogeochemistry, ecology, ecosystem science
Clifford Cunningham Cunningham Lab Biogeography, Phylogeography, Arthropod Phylogeny
Ke Dong Ke Dong Lab Neurotoxicology, insect ion channels and receptors, insecticide resistance and repellency
Xinnian Dong Dong Lab Plant immunity, transcriptional and translational regulation, circadian clock regulation
Kathleen Donohue Donohue Lab Evolutionary ecology, ecological genetics, adaptation, genotype-environment interaction
Jean Philippe Gibert Gibert Lab Food webs, Climate Change, Populations and Communities, Traits, Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics
Steve Haase Haase Lab Genetics, Genomics, Systems Biology, Computational Biology, Biological Clocks
Sheng Yang He He Lab microbiome, host-pathogen interaction, plant immunity, climate change
Sonke Johnsen Johnsen Lab vision, signaling/camouflage, biophysics, neuroethology, deep-sea
Dan Kiehart Kiehart Lab Developmental Genetics, cytoskeleton, adhesion, morphogenesis, cell shape change
François Lutzoni Lutzoni Lab evolution, ecology, genomics, fungal symbioses
Paul Magwene Magwene Lab evolution, genomics, quantitative genetics, systems biology, computational biology, fungal pathogenesis
Paul Manos Manos Lab plant biology, phylogenetics, biogeography, angiosperms, phylogeography
Dave McClay McClay Lab Development, gene regulation, morphogenesis, epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Dan McShea McShea Lab complexity, evolution, philosophy, goal-directedness, emotion
William Morris Morris Lab population ecology of plants and animals; how the abundance and geographical distribution of species respond to environmental change; plant/herbivore and plant/pollinator interactions
Fred Nijhout Nijhout Lab development, metamorphosis, robustness and plasticity, regulation of growth and size, pattern formation
Mohamed Noor Noor Lab genetics, evolution, recombination, lethals, speciation
Steve Nowicki Nowicki Lab animal communication, behavioral ecology, neuroethology, social behavior
Masayuki Onishi Onishi Lab Cell biology, cell division, cytoskeleton, genetics, evolution
Sheila Patek Patek Lab evolutionary biomechanics, acoustics, elastic mechanisms, fast movement
Kathleen Pryer Pryer Lab plant diversity, evolution, phylogenetics, systematics, ferns, collections-based research
Mark Rausher Rausher Lab Evolutionary Genetics, Speciation, Adaptation, Molecular Evolution
V. Louise Roth Roth Lab Evolutionary morphology, body size & scaling, macroevolution, phylogenetics, growth & development
Amy Schmid Schmid Lab extremophiles, archaea, metabolism, transcription factors, gene regulatory networks, systems biology
Jonathan Shaw Shaw Lab Bryophytes, peatmosses, phylogenetics, plant systematics, Sphagnum
David Sherwood Sherwood Lab extracellular matrix, cell biology, cell invasion, development
Nina Sherwood Nina Sherwood Lab Cellular neurobiology, cytoskeleton, synapse formation, neurodegeneration, glia
Gustavo Silva Silva Lab ubiquitin, oxidative stress, translation control, proteomics, stress response
Lucia Strader Strader Lab plant biology, signal transduction, transcriptional control
Tai-ping Sun Sun Lab plant hormone signaling, transcription regulation, protein structure and function
Jenny Tung Tung Lab social behavior, genomics, evolution, behavioral ecology
Marcy Uyenoyama Uyenoyama Lab molecular evolution, coalescence theory, Bayesian methods for data analysis, mathematical modeling, mating systems, social evolution
Rytas Vilgalys Vilgalys Lab mycology, evolution, systematics, phylogenomics, metagenomics, mycorrhizae
Pelin Volkan Volkan Lab developmental neurobiology, experience dependent changes in gene expression and neural circuit function, neural circuit and behavioral evolution
Will Wilson Wilson Lab urban environments, stormwater, ecology of farming, environmental justice
Greg Wray Wray Lab evolution, developmental biology, transcriptional regulation, gene regulatory networks
Justin Wright Wright Lab community ecology, ecosystem ecology, biodiversity
Anne Yoder Yoder Lab evolution, speciation, phylogenetics, genomics, conservation, Madagascar