The Undergraduate Studies program in the Department of Biology offers many options for study, research and intellectual enrichment. We encourage you to develop a program that is appropriate for your particular scientific interests, academic schedules and career objectives. The biology faculty are available to provide advising and assistance throughout the course of a student's academic career. 

How do I declare my major?

Sophomores can declare a major by completing a Long Range Plan and submitting it to the Academic Advising Center. You can declare your major any time during your sophomore year but no later than the Friday before mid-semester break during your fourth semester of enrollment. For most students, this deadline is the Friday that spring break begins. The Academic Advising Center provides detailed information on the declaration process.

How do I get assigned to an advisor in the Biology Department?

Once declared, you will be assigned a faculty advisor by the Undergraduate Studies office. The assignments may be based on a student's interest in a particular area of biology or a preference for a particular advisor. Students may indicate their preferences by filling out an Advisor Request Form, however some advisors may not be available to due a full roster or sabbatical leave. New majors are encouraged to fill out an advisor request form in parallel with submitting their declaration. Advisor assignments may be changed on the student's request and may also change because of sabbatical leaves and other demands on faculty time. You can see the list of available advisors.

Note that Duke's Office of Health Professions Advising is the best source for advising and questions related to pre-health.

Advising during Registration

During the registration period, students meet with their advisors to review their progress and approve a course schedule for the next semester. Advisors will review with the students their official advisement report on DukeHub to ascertain progress in the major. At the conclusion of the advising session, the advisor will check the "Eligible to Enroll" checkbox on DukeHub to authorize a student for registration. 

During pre-registration, it is the student's responsibility to make an appointment for advising. Advising appointments are usually 20 minutes long and times available for advising vary from one faculty member to another. Contact your advisor early in the advising period, well before the opening of your registration window.