For Prospective Students

Interested in learning about how the natural world works?

From the underpinning of human physiology to the equilibrium of ecossystems, a Biology degree will give you a deep understanding of nature, with all of its awe-inspiring processes and real-world applications. Gain hands-on knowledge of cutting edge laboratory techniques, travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and learn how think like a scientist, all while working closely with some of the top researchers in the field.

Our students go on to pursue succesful careers in biological research, health professions, business, law and education, both in the private sector and in government. We look forward to meeting you, and to helping you explore the world of possibilities offered by a Biology degree.   

Why Biology?

Did you ever wonder why leaves turn red in the Fall? Or why are some animals so incredibly weird-looking? Maybe you wondered why some people are more predisposed to diseases than others, or how your genetic makeup contributes to making you who you are. Biology is the answer to each and every one of these questions. From proteins inside your cells all the way to the vast extensions of the world's most diverse ecosystems, Biology is the study of life. A degree in Biology will not only teach you about nature, it will also teach you how to think critically, how to design and conduct research experiments, and how to communicate scientific findings clearly and concisely to your peers and to the general public. 

Careers in Biology

A degree in Biology opens a whole world of possible careers. Our alumni have a higher than average acceptance rate in Medical Schools and in other health related fields. Others have gone on to become succesful researchers and educators at Universities accross the globe. Some used the critical thinking they developed in Biology and put it to good use with careers in Law or Business. Many work for the private sector, in Biomedical companies, developing and applying innovative biotechnologies to new products. Those who prefer to work away from the lab bench may also work communicating science to others, in Museums, becoming Outreach coordinators, science journalists and medical writers. With a degree from Duke, you will also be in excellent position to make the world a better place by working in policy making. See our Alumni page for a sample of the brilliant paths our alumni have followed.