• Impact of Climate Change on Species Distribution

    Professor Bill Morris is measuring alpine plants for a long-term study of the effects of climate change on the abundance and geographical distribution of species.

  • Under the Moon

    View to the top of the French Family Science Center atrium. The crown jewel of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences research buildings houses Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories. Completed in 2007 with a generous donation from Duke alum, Melinda French Gates.

We engage with the world in many ways

Duke Biology strives at being a department that gives back to the its local and broader community. Our faculty, staff, and students are working to improve access to biology, bring research to the public, and inspire future scientists from all backgrounds.

Along with its research and teaching missions, the Biology Department at Duke University prioritizes sharing biology with the public at large. Our engagement takes a variety of forms:

K-12 school outreach
  • High school students come spend the Summer conducting research in many of our laboratories

  • On-campus outreach events for grade schoolers

  • Presentations, workshops, or mini-courses at local schools, museums, festivals, and more
  • Work with grade school teachers to develop science-related activities and lessons
  • Develop educational materials to be implemented at schools
  • Develop and run teacher-training workshops
  • Volunteer as judges for local science fairs
Public outreach
  • Consult and testify before Congressional committees
  • Participate in workshops associated with broad issues such as climate change, science funding, and science curriculum
  • Advise national academies and federal funding agencies about scientific priorities