Centers/Research Groups

Duke Microbiome Center

The Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) was established to address the rapidly expanding interest among the public and scientific community in the pervasive roles of microbial communities in human health, the environment, and biotechnology. It is housed in the School of Medicine, and fosters collaborations between faculty accross campus, inclusing multiple faculty in the Biology Department.

Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology

GCB is an interdisciplinary center where faculty from across Duke’s campus collaborate to study complex problems in genomic and computational biology, train researchers, and develop genomic technologies.

Duke Network Analysis Center

The purpose of the Duke Network Analysis Center is to build a world-class network science & analysis program at Duke to: (a) help make visible the cutting-edge network scholarship currently ongoing on campus, (b) promote new collaborations in network science, (c) introduce new researchers to network science and train them in its methods and applications, (d) provide a research service in network analysis methods to the wider Duke community, and (e) enhance Duke’s position as a leader in the research triangle and throughout the nation in this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

The DIBS mission is to promote interdisciplinary brain science and translate discoveries into solutions for health and society. The Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) provides a vibrant hub for all who share our vision of making neuroscience greater than the sum of its parts by integrating schools, disciplines, analysis and education to accelerate breakthroughs and benefit society.