Area: Ecology

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Course Notes
BIOLOGY209(D)-1 Ecology of Human Health NS, STS
BIOLOGY209D-2 Ecology for a Crowded Planet NS, STS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY209S-1 Ecology of Human Health NS, STS, W offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY262 People, Plants and Pollution: Introduction to Urban Environments NS, STS
BIOLOGY263 Biological Responses to Climate Change NS, W
BIOLOGY267 Behavioral Ecology NS, R, STS, W
BIOLOGY270A Conservation Biology and Policy EI, NS, STS
BIOLOGY272A Analysis of Ocean Ecosystems NS
BIOLOGY273LA Marine Ecology NS, R, W Can be used for Div req OR ecology, but NOT BOTH! offered Spring 2019, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY280A Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS No longer offered
BIOLOGY280LA Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS, R No longer offered
BIOLOGY283A Tropical Disease, Environmental Change and Human Health NS, STS No longer offered
BIOLOGY285LA Field Research in Savana Ecology NS, R, W No longer offered
BIOLOGY287A Biodiversity of Alaska NS, STS Can be used for Div req OR ecology, but NOT BOTH! Summer only
BIOLOGY361LS Field Ecology NS, R, W
BIOLOGY368A Deep-Sea Science and Environmental Management NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY369LA Biological Oceanography NS, R offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY374LA Marine Molecular Ecology NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY453S Gene-Environment Interaction: Genes in an Ecological Context NS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY559S Foundations of Behavioral Ecology NS
BIOLOGY561 Tropical Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY564 Biogeochemistry NS, STS
BIOLOGY565L Biodiversity Science and Application NS, R
BIOLOGY570LA-1 Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology NS, R *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.
BIOLOGY570LA-2 Marine Ecology of the Pacific NS, STS *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.,
BIOLOGY571A Sojourn in Singapore: Urban Tropical Ecology CCI, NS, SS, STS Summer ENV/PPS 390A version DOESN'T count for BIO major reqs. offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY627 Molecular Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY665 Bayesian Inference for Environmental Models NS
BIOLOGY668 Population Ecology NS offered Spring 2019
BIOLOGY678 Population Ecology for a Changing Planet NS, STS