Area: Ecology

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Course Notes
BIOLOGY209(D)-1 Ecology of Human Health NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY209D-2 Ecology for a Crowded Planet NS, STS
BIOLOGY262 People, Plants and Pollution: Introduction to Urban Environments NS, STS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY263 Biological Responses to Climate Change NS, W
BIOLOGY267 Behavioral Ecology NS, R, STS, W
BIOLOGY270A Conservation Biology and Policy EI, NS, STS
BIOLOGY272A Analysis of Ocean Ecosystems NS
BIOLOGY273LA Marine Ecology NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering;Can be used for Div req OR ecology, but NOT BOTH!
BIOLOGY280A Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS Costa Rica
BIOLOGY280LA Fundamentals of Tropical Biology NS, R Costa Rica
BIOLOGY283A Tropical Disease, Environmental Change and Human Health NS, STS Costa Rica
BIOLOGY285LA Field Research in Savana Ecology NS, R, W South Africa
Biology290.01 Sp16 Ecology and Human Health NS, STS Course renumbered to Bio 209D-1
BIOLOGY361LS Field Ecology NS, R, W Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY369LA Biological Oceanography NS, R Fall 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY374LA Marine Molecular Ecology NS, R, STS
BIOLOGY453S Gene-Environment Interaction: Genes in an Ecological Context NS Fall 2017 offering
BIOLOGY490S Sp15 Extreme Life Styles Topics in Ecology and Evolution: Extreme Life Styles NS
BIOLOGY559S Foundations of Behavioral Ecology NS
BIOLOGY561 Tropical Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY564 Biogeochemistry NS, STS
BIOLOGY565L Biodiversity Science and Application NS, R
BIOLOGY570LA-1 Experimental Tropical Marine Ecology NS, R Fall 2017 offering; *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.,
BIOLOGY570LA-2 Marine Ecology of the Pacific Coast of California NS, STS *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.
BIOLOGY570LA-3 Harmony in Brittany: French Use of Marine Environments NS, STS *only 1/2 credit course. Need 1 cc to fulfill Ecology area req.
BIOLOGY571A Sojourn in Singapore: Urban Tropical Ecology CCI, NS, SS, STS Summer ENV/PPS 390A version DOESN'T count for BIO major reqs.
BIOLOGY627 Molecular Ecology NS, STS
BIOLOGY665 Bayesian Inference for Environmental Models NS
BIOLOGY668 Population Ecology NS
BIOLOGY678 Population Ecology for a Changing Planet NS, STS