Oceans in Human and Environmental Health


Students will gain a grounding in marine sciences to help them to evaluate impacts the of anthropogenic activities on marine ecosystems and the humans that rely on them. After developing an understanding of the issues facing environmental and human health and well-being in marine systems, students will travel to the Galapagos to better understand environmental challenges facing biodiversity and tourism hot spot. This course embraces immersive field experiences in North Carolina and the Galapagos to contextualize classroom learning and to develop connections with environmental practitioners and residents. Taught in Beaufort at Duke Marine Lab. Duke Immerse course. Instructor consent is required.


Course is part of DukeImmerse Program only

Enroll Consent

Instructor Consent Required

Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • STS
  • NS
Cross-Listed As
  • ENVIRON 308A
  • GLHLTH 308A
  • MARSCI 308A
Typically Offered
Fall Only