Biological Structure & Function

Area: Biological Structure & Function

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Course Notes
BIOLOGY213 Cell Signaling and Diseases NS
BIOLOGY218 Biological Clocks: How Organisms Keep Time NS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY219 Molecular Genetics and Genomics NS
BIOLOGY220 Cellular and Developmental Biology NS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY223 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology NS
BIOLOGY228 Food and Fuel for a Growing Population: Nuts and Bolts of Plant Growth and Production NS, STS
BIOLOGY248 Evolution of Animal Form NS, R, W
BIOLOGY278LA Physiology of Marine Animals NS, R, W Spring 2017 offering, Duke Marine Lab
BIOLOGY321(D) Primate Sexuality NS, STS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY322 From Neurons to Brain NS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY329D Principles of Animal Physiology NS Spring 2017 offering. CANNOT use both BIO 329 and CELL BIO 503 towards the BIO major
BIOLOGY329L Principles of Animal Physiology NS, R, W CANNOT use both BIO 329 and CELL BIO 503 towards the BIO major
BIOLOGY330L Comparative and Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates NS Can be used for Div req OR struc/function, but NOT BOTH!
BIOLOGY372LA Biochemistry of Marine Animals NS, R, W
BIOLOGY373LA Sensory Physiology and Behavior of Marine Animals NS, R, W
BIOLOGY412S Sensory Signal Transduction NS, R
BIOLOGY414LS Experiments in Developmental and Molecular Genetics NS, R Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY415S Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Colloquium NS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY416L Experimental Molecular Biology NS, R, W Formerly numbered BIO 214L; Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY417S Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology NS, STS
BIOLOGY418 Introduction to Biophysics NS, QS
BIOLOGY420 Cancer Genetics NS, R Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY425 Biophysics II NS, QS Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY426S Visual Processing NS
BIOLOGY427S Current Topics in Sensory Biology NS
BIOLOGY429S How Organisms Move NS taught previously under Bio 490S
BIOLOGY430S Advanced Anatomy NS
BIOLOGY431S Human Embryology EI, NS, STS, W Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY452S Genes & Development NS
BIOLOGY454S Physiological Genetics of Disease NS, QS, R Spring 2017 offering
BIOLOGY490S Fall 2016 Extreme Animal Adaptations Extreme Animal Adaptations NS