Departmental Awards

The following awards are presented to outstanding students each year at the Biology Graduation Ceremony. 

The James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology.

The parents and friends of James Brailsford Rast, a member of the Class of 1958 of Duke University, endowed this award in his memory. Given each year by the Biology faculty in recognition of excellence in course work and research in the study of organismal biology.

Past Recipients:
Lucy Greenwald, 2020
Peishu Li, 2019
Jason Dihn, 2018
Samantha Kisare, 2017
Lauriane Pinto, 2016
Cassidy Pomeroy-Carter, 2015
Andrew Cangelosi, 2014
Miriam Fox, 2013
Kiki Contreras, 2012
Jeff Shi, 2011
Tesa Gross, 2010
Nikos Lessios, 2009
Charles Nicholas Cuneo, 2008
Jesse Silverman, 2007
Daniel A. Luna, 2006
Sarah Cork, 2005
Angela Berg, 2004
Jenny Tung, 2003
Sarah Lambert, 2000
Shawn Zack, 1999
Mara LaBorde, 1998

The Edward C. Horn Memorial Prize for Excellence in Biology.

Given each year to a graduating biology major who has shown, in the opinion of the biology faculty, the highest level of academic achievement and promise, this prize is offered in memory of Professor Edward C. Horn. It is a tribute to his warm regard for students and faculty and his appreciation of scholarly excellence. The prize consists of books appropriate to the student's field of interest.

Past Recipients:|
Nathan Shaul, 2020
Laura Naslund, 2019
Reena Debray, 2018
Anthony Hung, 2017
Ashley Gartin, 2016
Matthew Pun, 2015
J.P. Senter, 2014
Eli Wilber, 2013
Jason Klein, 2012
Nicolas Altemose, 2011
Anthony Lee, 2010
Helen Rankin, 2009
Margot Bowen, 2008
Felicia Walton, 2007
Jacqueline Ou, 2006
Christopher Martin, 2005
Thomas Glenn, 2004
Matthew Brumm, 2003
Juliet Pulliam, 2002
David Naeger II, 2001
Yenting Chen, 2000
Andrew Miner, 1999
Lisa Anderson, 1998

The Excellence in Plant Science/Botany Prize.

Given each year by the Biology faculty to a graduating biology major who has demonstrated excellence in botanical research.  The prize consists of books appropriate to the student's field of interest.

Past Recipients:
Barbara Lynn Weaver, 2020
Ruolin "Eudora" Miao, 2019
Jade Lu, 2017
Matthew Farnitano, 2016
Sarah Garland, 2015
Jacob Golan, 2014
Anne Johnson, 2013
Jamie Peeler, 2012
Amanda Sun, 2011
Sarah Diehl, 2010
Laura Nutter, 2009
Kolea Zimmerman, 2008
Kevin Ford, 2007
Kelly Anne Farrell, 2006
Lindsay Higgins, 2005
Paul Gugger, 2004
Katherine Hoye, 2003
Wisuwat Songnuan, 2002
Charles David, 2001
Michael Dietze, 2000
Jennifer Lau, 1999
Pui Ying Annie Mack, 1998

The Maggie Schneider Award in Marine Biology.

In memory of Maggie Schneider, a member of the Duke class of 2004. Given each year by the faculty of the Duke University Marine Laboratory to the biology major who demonstrates the love of learning and service in marine and conservation biology.

Past Recipients:
Alexandra DiGiacomo, 2020
Trevyn Toone, 2019
Stephanie Prufer, 2018
Samantha Huff, 2017
Emily Laub, 2016
Samantha Emmert, 2015
Germaine Yong, 2014
Stephani Zakutansky, 2013
Alix Jacobson, 2012
Molly Walsh, 2011
Natalie Harrison, 2010
Michael Bourla, 2009
Emma Davies, 2008
Ruth McDowell and Ross Cunning, 2007
Cirse Gonzalez, 2006
Maggie Peloso, 2005
Erin Blevins, 2004
Pincelli Hull, 2003

The Biology Faculty Award

Given by the Biology Faculty to a student for outstanding intellectual achievements and excellence in research.

Past Recipients:
Katja Kochvar, Tanmayi Vashist, Freddie Xu, 2020
Othmane Jadi, 2019
Alvin Han and Jackie Lin, 2018
Jacqueline Anderson, 2017
Beryl Cummings, Alissa Wall 2014
Ken Hoehn, 2013
Tay Rong En, 2012
Xander Nuttle, 2010
Jonathan Russell, 2008
Rahul Satija, 2006
William Collins, 2003