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Duke Biology is one of the few broad Biology Departments in the country, providing students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to learn and perform research in a highly integrative and interactive setting. Our department hosts over 50 faculty, studying areas spanning developmental biology, cell biology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution, organismal biology, and genomics. 

Ph.D. Program

Our program is highly flexible, allowing students to design the path that best fits their professional needs. Our students spend the majority of their time engaged in innovative research, and have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with researchers from a wide range of fields. 

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Undergraduate Programs

For undergraduates, we offer a broad range of learning opportunities, including traditional classroom experiences, hands-on learning in the field and the laboratory, independent study, and full student engagement in research. 

Our program offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, as well as a minor. Furthermore, our 12 optional Concentration areas enable students to more narrowly focus their studies.

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Diversity Initiatives

We want to be just, equitable and transparent about the ways we evaluate, compensate, and reward all members of our department. We want to be a department of scholars that gives back to the local and international scientific communities in which we are embedded. We are committed to creating an academic environment enriched by diverse life experiences, where everyone feels respected, heard, and safe. We are dedicated to preventing all forms of discrimination and harassment, and hold all members of our community accountable to our values of equity and justice.

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