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BioGist, where we bring you the gist of Biology.

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Biology. A discipline full of wonder, discovery, fancy equipment, gorgeous field sites, charismatic organisms, and jargon. Lots of jargon.

So much jargon that it is sometimes hard to decipher who studies what. Enter BioGist, Duke Biology’s podcast, which gives you just the gist of what our amazing faculty study, how they study it, and why. It also gives you a little glimpse of how cool they are when they are not hard at work (yes, faculty have real lives outside of work).

BioGist is made by undergrads for undergrads. A team of students interviews faculty, covering topics ranging from fruit fly neurons to the ecology of river systems, plant hormones to baboons in Kenya, cellular division to deep sea creatures. That’s not by accident: Biology is a very broad field of study filled with opportunities. The Biology Department at Duke reflects that, with over 45 labs studying a wide range of topics.

Whether you want to know more about what biologists study, research opportunities, classes to take, or just want to learn something new, check out BioGist. Each episode is shorter than 10 minutes, the perfect length for a quick break (or a very reasonable afternoon binge).

Check out our episode list, with complete transcripts and details on each of our interviewees.

BioGist is available on AnchorSpotify, and other podcast platforms.