Research Facilities

Researchers at Duke are surrounded by facilities to help them advance their work.  Below we list several of the more frequently requested resources.

Teaching Collections
Live Plant Collections  Sarah P. Duke Gardens


Research Resources
Research Greenhouses Duke Herbarium
Phytotron Duke Marine Lab 
Field Station Duke Lemur Center
Botany Plot Comprehensive Cancer Center
Duke Forest Duke Library


Analytical Facilities
Duke Environmental Stable Isotope Laboratory Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility - extensive characterization and cleanroom facilities
AO/Reichert Ultracut E43 microtome - Contact Lutzoni Lab Light Microscopy Core Facility
Transmission Electron Microscopy support - DUMC Pathology Department EM Facility: sample processing (embedding, thin sectioning, negative staining, immunostaining, TEM) LEICA EM Pact high pressure freezer - Contact: Costello Lab or Keihart Lab
  Faxitron X-ray unit - contact Louise Roth for training and to access machine.


Non-Duke Research Resources

Highlands Biological Station

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences