Research Greenhouses

Our graduate students present some of the benefits of doing research at the Duke Greenhouse.


Built in 2004, the Research Greenhouses are equipped with some of the latest technology in climate controlled growth space. The total facility spans over 15,000 square feet. Environmental conditions in the greenhouse are computer controlled and monitored 24/7. We are located adjacent the French Family Science Center and just downhill from the Biological Science Building. Also next to the Research Greenhouses is the Phytotron which houses additional instrumentation and equipment shared with the Research Greenhouse.

Contact Us

Jorge Fidhel Gonzalez, Greenhouse Supervisor
130 Science Drive
Room 137, Duke Box 90388
Durham, NC 27708
+1 919 660 7265

Kristin Dimac-Stohl, Assist Horticulturist
+1 919 660 7335 

To contact all staff members, please email


We provide year round plant care for researcher's plants, including daily watering, periodic fertilization, and routine pest management in a climate control environment. We sell greenhouse supplies at whole sale cost. The maintenance and operation of our 15,000ft2 requires the assistance of all greenhouse users and thus individual researchers must remove compost from the growing spaces, wash their used pots, and clean personal work stations. This team effort will reduce the need for chemicals to control insects & diseases, provide work space to fellow research teams in timely fashion, and create safe environment for all.   

To foster a culture of safety, our staff provides U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Worker Protection Standards (WPS) training to all greenhouse users and participation is required for those wishing to have Duke Card access or facility keys. To arrange your personal 25 minute WPS training session, please email Greenhouse Staff

Student Opportunities

Beyond plant care, the research greenhouse offers employment to Duke students with work-study funding and fosters their learning through professional development field trips and special projects relevant to their course of study. Interested students should contact Jorge Fidhel Gonzalez, Greenhouse Supervisor during the first three weeks of any semester to be considered for our open positions.