Marine Ecology


Distribution, abundance, and diversity of marine organisms, including a survey of the major flora and fauna in the marine environment, including physical characteristics, adaptation to environment, species interactions, biogeography, larval recruitment, and biodiversity and conservation of communities found in rocky shores, tidal flats, beaches, marshes, mangrove, coral reefs, and subtidal areas. Lectures, field excursions, lab exercises and an independent project. Taught fall, spring, and summer; spring enrollment requires travel. Recommended prerequisite: AP biology or introductory biology.


Duke Marine Lab; Can be used for Div req OR ecology, but NOT BOTH!

Curriculum Codes
  • R
  • W
  • NS
Cross-Listed As
  • ECS 374L
  • ENVIRON 273L
  • EOS 374L
  • MARSCI 273L
Typically Offered
Fall and/or Spring