Biology Cultural Union

The Biology Cultural Union is an organization that seeks to build a community of underrepresented students within the Department of Biology. We are a subsidiary of the AJED committee with independent interests in protecting equity for students.

logo showing four hands intertwined, with the words "Biology Cultural Union, Connect. Imagine. Support"

Vulnerable identities like POC, people with disabilities, religious minorities, low-income students, and sexual and gender minorities, are underrepresented on campus and in STEM. BCU supports undeclared underclassmen through 1:1 mentorship between upperclassmen and underclassmen, seminars and panels, academic advising, and social events. We also guide biology students in navigating professional and academic opportunities.

We are a safe space for students to voice their unique concerns about representation and diversity initiatives in the biology department. 

2021-2022 BCU Members:

headshots of Amber Brooks and Dakota Jones two young black women, one wearing a black shirt, and one wearing a blue shirt
Amber Brooks (left) and Dakota Douglas (right)