Sound in the Sea: Introduction to Marine Bioacoustics


Fundamentals of marine bioacoustics with a focus on current literature and conservation issues. Topics include: introduction to acoustics; acoustic analysis methods and quantitative tools; production and recording of sound; ocean noise; propagation theory; active and passive acoustics; hearing, sound production and communication in marine organisms, potential impacts of anthropogenic noise; and regulation of marine sound. Labs will focus on methodologies used for generating, recording and analyzing marine sounds. Taught in Beaufort at Duke Marine Lab. Prerequisite: AP Biology, introductory biology, or consent of instructor; Physics 141L or 164L (or equivalent Physics courses) or consent of instructor.


Duke Marine Lab


Prerequisite: BIOLOGY 25L or 20 and PHY 161L, 141L or 151L

Curriculum Codes
  • R
  • STS
  • NS
Cross-Listed As
  • ECE 384LA
  • ECS 280LA
  • EOS 280LA
  • MARSCI 280LA
Typically Offered
Fall Only