AJED 2021 Spring Semester Report

May 31, 2021

For each semester of the academic year, the AJED committee submits a report to the Department of Biology. Therefore, this is our second report for the 2020-2021 academic year. You can find the Fall 2020 AJED report (also labeled "2020 Annual Report") here.



François Lutzoni (chair of AJED), Professor
Danae Diaz, graduate student
Jill Chaskes-Foster, staff
Amanda DelVecchia, postdoctoral researcher
Shannon Fang, undergraduate student
Alison Hill, Senior Lecturer
Richard Hilleary, postdoctoral researcher
Clarice Hu, undergraduate student
Paul Magwene, Associate Professor
Jason Dinh, graduate student
Steve Nowicki, Professor
Justin Wright, Associate Professor
Marie Claire Chelini (ex officio - Postdoctoral fellow/communications specialist)
Emily Bernhardt (ex officio - Professor and chair of the Department of Biology)