Connie Chai, B.S. 2010

Commercial Rotation Development Program Associate, Genentech – South San Francisco, California

2010 Major: Biology & English; certificate in Genome Sciences and Policy ; 2016 MBA, Fuqua

How has being a Biology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Having a background in Biology has helped me get up to speed much more quickly during training sessions for my business roles in the healthcare industry."

What advice would you give students in Biology?

"The world is your oyster! Medical school and/or research aren't the only options where you can apply your Biology degree. When I was at Duke, I initially felt like there were only a few paths for me to take with Biology but realized when I started applying for jobs my senior year that I had many options to explore. A Biology degree helps you develop the analytical and critical thinking skills that are applicable to any job and not just to medical school or research."

Connie Chai