Margaret Chu

2013 Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry

Currently: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital — Trinton Falls, New Jersey

How has being a Biology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"The breadth and rigour of the biology courses that I took at Duke set me up well for academic success in veterinary school. I felt like I had a better foundation than many of my classmates, and that allowed me to focus on new material. Additionally, many of my closest friends were my fellow majors; even through we are not in the same profession now, we still discuss cases or the physiology behind diseases/medications together."

What advice would you give students in Biology?

"I would advise taking the widest diversity of biology classes as possible; it really helps to have a fundamental understanding of the entire field. If going on to additional education in biomedical fields, taking courses of great rigour is very helpful. Although it makes the undergraduate experience more difficult, it really pays off later on. Moreover, take the time to organise your notes, so that in the future you can go back quickly and relearn material."

Margaret Chu