Class of 2024: Isaiah Hamilton

Isaiah Hamilton with confetti in background

Isaiah Hamilton is a graduating senior with a major in Biology, and minors in Chemistry and Global Health. He has served as a Trinity Ambassador for the Department of Biology. Trinity Ambassadors are student volunteers, nominated by their departments, to serve in this unique and important role.

We asked a few of the ambassadors from the Class of 2024 to share their favorite memories from Duke. The below interview has been slightly edited for clarity.

What was one of the most impactful classes you took during your time at Duke?

One the most impactful classes I took at Duke was Neuroscience 380, Functional Neuroanatomy, with Dr. Leonard White. This class was awesome as it allowed us to use real human brains that had been donated for examination and study! It was super hands on and very thorough. If you are someone interested in the brain I highly recommend!

What was the most important thing you’ve learned at Duke?

The most important thing that I learned at Duke is to pour into yourself before you can pour into others. If you spend the time to care for yourself, you can better care for others. Duke can be extremely challenging at times, so it is important to find time to slot your needs into your day. 

What will you miss the most about Duke after graduation?

What I will miss most about Duke is the easy access I have to those I care about most. We often take it for granted, but it is truly a privilege to be able to hang out with friends on a whim or to be able to grab a bite to eat with someone at any given time.