Science and Art: Not So Different After All

"The Art of a Scientist," a new exhibit of scientific images and responses by local artists, is currently open at the Rubenstein Arts Center.  The works on display show how scientists and artists use similar processes while developing a visual work—and how both can create learning and pure pleasure for the viewer. 

The exhibit was organized by the Science Communication team of DukeINSPIRE:  Casey Lindberg (Toxicology), Hanna Devens (Cell and Molecular Biology), and BioGrad Ariana Eily.  Eily wrote, “Scientists often spend hours taking and editing beautiful images and videos to help describe their research, however, members of the public rarely get to see these works.  This exhibit aims to bring the creativity of art and science together for a wide audience.”  The exhibit has received such a welcome response that the students plan to make it an annual event.

"The Art of a Scientist" is open through Friday, August 10, giving you plenty of time to schedule a visit!

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