News Shorts!

News Shorts!

Check this out!  The Gibert Lab has contributed video of a protist eating a smaller protist to Duke Today.  Euplotus sp. creates water currents that sweep the smaller protozoan into its mouth.  Down the hatch!

Three Biograds have won fellowships as Bass Instructors of Record and will teach special topics seminar courses next spring.  Stepping out will be:

  • Emily Levy (Alberts Lab), Ecology & Evolution of Being Social
  • Emily Ury (Bernhardt Lab), Wetland Ecology in a Changing World
  • Jacob Harrison (Patek Lab), Animal Defense – the evolution, morphology, and behavior behind biological defense mechanisms.

Another Biograd, Amy Webster, has won the Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence.  Amy's research focuses on understanding how starvation resistance during developmental arrest is regulated in the round worm C. elegans.

In Duke’s "Fundamental Concepts" Youtube series, it is Steve Nowicki’s turn to make the case for his discipline.  Watch to see “Why biology is fundamental to understanding the world around us” and what H.G. Wells has to do with it. 

Prof. Claire Kremen of the University of British Columbia has won the Volvo Environment Prize 2020 for her research on how the world can feed itself while also protecting biodiversity.  Prof. Kremen earned her Ph.D. at Duke under the guidance of Prof. H. Fredrik Nijhout.  Congratulations to both the student and the teacher!