Courtney A. Harris, B.S. 2016

Customer Success Manager, Planful – Redwoodcity, CA

2016 Major: Biology

How has being a Biology graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"It helped shaped me professionally by making me a candidate with a strong academic background that shows that I can think critically, I have problems solving/research skills, and I am accustomed to a rigorous challenging environment. Personally, I feel that I can overcome any challenge in the work place because nothing will ever be as difficult as some of the courses I took at Duke."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Biology programs? 

"Be open minded to careers outside of science. I love Biology and I greatly enjoyed my coursework and curriculum. However, I did not want to pursue a career in medicine or science. The tech space proved to be perfect path for me. It is ok to study something you love and enjoy but not directly pursue a career in that. There are tons of jobs and post graduate degrees that you can pursue with a biology background. I had no problems getting into business school after Duke."

Courtney A. Harris