Alternate Elective Courses

A maximum of two approved alternate elective courses may be applied to the requirements for the major. A maximum of 1 approved alternate elective course may be applied to the requirements of the minor.

Course Number Course Title
BCH 301* Introductory Biochemistry I * this course may count as a biology department elective
BCH 302 Introductory Biochemistry II
BCH 401 Applied Biochemistry
Biomedical Engineering
BME 244L Quantitative Physiology with Biostatistical Applications
BME 260L Modeling Cellular and Molecular Systems
BME 301L Bioelectricity
Cell Biology
CELLBIO 503** Human Physiology - **cannot use both Cellbio 503 and BIO 329L/D towards the Biology major  (starting FA12)
CHEM 302 Biophysics & Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 517 (Fall '14 was 590.02) Molecules in Life and Disease
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
CBB 520 Genome Tools and Technologies
CBB 561L Genome Science & Technology Lab
CBB 573S Modeling Biological Systems
CBB 590.01/Compsci 590.02(Spring 2016 only) Topics in Computational Biology
Computer Science
COMPSCI 224 Introduction to Computer Modeling
COMPSCI 260 Introduction to Computational Genomics
Environmental Sciences & Policy Program
ENVIRON 217 Restoration Ecology
ENVIRON 240S Biodiversity Issues and Field Methods
ENVIRON 279LA Marine CSI: Conservation Forensics in the Marine Environment
ENVIRON 503 Forest Ecosystems
ENVIRON 543A Respiratory Proteins and the Environment
Evolutionary Anthropology
EVANTH 221S Ape-Human Transition
EVANTH 235L Primate Anatomy
EVANTH 236L Primate Skeleton
EVANTH 246 Sociobiology
EVANTH 253 Primate Ecology
EVANTH 257 Ecology & Adaptation of Hunters & Gatherers
EVANTH 276 Human Biology
EVANTH 310 Primate Evolutionary Genetics
EVANTH 330L*** Human Anatomy and Physiology ***cannot count towards lab requirement of biology major
EVANTH 332 Human Anatomy
EVANTH 333L The Human Body
EVANTH 334L Human Osteology
EVANTH 344L Primate Field Biology
EVANTH 359S Primate Conservation
EVANTH 385D Primate Disease/Global Health
EVANTH 530 Human Functional Anatomy
EVANTH 534L Advanced Human Osteology
EVANTH 537S Orthopedic Biomechanics/Kinesiology
EVANTH 543S Comparative Primate Ecology
EVANTH 546S Primate Social Evolution
EVANTH 582S Functional & Evolutionary Morphology of Primates
EVANTH 590S.02 SP 13 Primate Sensory Anatomy
EVANTH 590LS.01 FA 13 Functional & Developmental Craniodental Anatomy
EVANTH 590S.01 SP 13 Visualization
Earth and Ocaen Sciences
EOS 204L The Evolving Earth and Life
Genome Sciences & Policy
GENOME 122FS Genetics and Epigenetics
GENOME 256 Genome Sciences and Society
IMMUNOL 800 Comprehensive Immunology
MATH 573S Modeling Biological Systems
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
MGM 532 Human Genetics
MGM 552 Virology
MGM 582 Microbial Pathogenesis
Neuroscience - see Psychology for additional Neurosci courses
NEUROSCI 288S/Music 288S Music as Biology
NEUROSCI 289 Music and the Brain
NEUROSCI 301L Bioelectricity
NEUROSCI 376 Contemporary Neuroscience Methods
NEUROSCI 380L Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
PHARM 350 Pharmacology: Drug Actions and Reactions
PHARM 360 Drugs, Brain and Behavior
PHARM 370(S) Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
PHARM 471S Reward and Addiction
PHARM 533 Essentials of Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHARM 554 Mammalian Toxicology
PHYSICS 414 Introduction to Biophysics
Psychology & Neuroscience
PSY 106 / NEUROSCI 101 /PSY 107/ NEUROSCI 102 Biological Bases of Behavior: Introduction and Survey
PSY / WRITING 190SA The Parallel Lives of Cetaceans and Great Apes (Summer '15 Marine Lab)
PSY 257 / NEUROSCI 212 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 273 Behavior and Neurochemistry
PSY 274 Drugs, Brain & Behavior
PSY 276 Brain and Behavior
PSY 277 / NEUROSCI 277 Looking Inside the Disordered Brain
PSY 279S / NEUROSCI 373 Behavioral Neuroimmunology: Brain and Behavior in Health and Disease
PSY 302 / NEUROSCI 383 Brain Waves and Cognition
PSY 303 / NEUROSCI 382 Functional Neuroimaging
PSY 376S / NEUROSCI 366S Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
PSY 461S / NEUROSCI 461S Neurobiology Learning/Memory
PSY 471S / NEUROSCI 471S Reward and Addiction
PSY 473S / NEUROSCI 473S The Neurobiology of the Pain System: It's Function and Dysfunctions
PSY 499S / NEUROSCI 499S Current Research in Neuroscience
PSY 681S Genetics and Environment in Abnormal Behavior
PSY 686S Principles of Neuroimmunology
PSY 684S Hormones, Brain and Cognition