Yochebed Woldeyohannes

Yochebed Woldeyohannes

Biology Ambassador


Class of 2025
Major in Biology; Minors in Religious Studies and Medical Sociology

I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Sociology and Religious Studies on the pre-med track with the hope of becoming a Pediatrician. Within the Biology Department, I am involved with the Biology Cultural Association and on the AJED committee. I am also involved in Partners in Health Engage, Duke Desta, and research in the ElMallah lab working on pulmonary genetic diseases. Other than that, I enjoy going to museums and trying new foods!

Favorite Class: I’ve taken some pretty interesting classes, but my favorite so far would have to be Medicine and Human Flourishing. It was nice to hear from the guest speakers who all had interesting things to say, and I was able to learn about new lenses to look at medicine through. We started with the history of medicine and then talked about various topics, like race and medicine, disability and medicine, medicine and free will, and even Shakespeare and medicine.