Biology Graduation Information:

      Sunday, May 10, 2020
      Ceremony will begin at 12 noon. A light lunch for graduates & their guests will be available at 11am.
      Wilson Recreation Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tickets issued for the event?
No. There should be seating for all, but we are big major and space can get tight. Your family is encouraged to head over to Wilson as soons as possible following the University ceremony in Wallace Wade in order to have the best selection of seats and lunches. 
How long will the event last?
The ceremony itself will last around one hour.  Please arrive to Wilson shortly after the conclusion of the morning ceremony in Wallace Wade so we can start as close to noon as possible.

What if my family and/or I have dietary restrictions?
There will be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-friendly lunch options available.
What happens if I am not receiving a diploma due to a bursar hold, Dec or Summer graduation, etc.?
You will be presented with a "stand-in" diploma that looks just like what everyone else is getting. Actual diplomas will be mailed out by Trinity College when appropriate. You'll return the stand-in diploma after the ceremony is over.
Will there be a photographer at the Ceremony?
We contract with Photo Specialties to take pictures of each graduate as they receive their diploma.  The company will email proofs to you about a week after Graduation as well as send paper proofs to your family about 2-3 weeks after.  You are under no obligation to buy.  Parents/guests are welcome to take their own photos, but we appreciate their respect not to block others' views and/or the procession of graduates.

If I am a double major, which Ceremony should I attend?
Diplomas are distributed through your first major.  Should you prefer to attend the ceremony of your second major instead of BIO, please check with that Department and notify Jill Foster in BIO.  Likewise, second majors in biology are welcome to attend the Biology Ceremony, but in most cases, their actual diploma will only be available from their first major department.  If you are a second major in BIO and would like to attend the BIO ceremony, notify Jill so she can plan for your attendance.

Ceremony Procedures

Please make all efforts to arrive at Wilson Rec promptly.  Please do not enter Wilson through the regular carded entrance but rather enter straight into the Gym.
* Continue to wear your cap and gown for the ceremony.
* When we are getting ready to begin the ceremony, find your assigned seat (they will be marked and are arranged alphabetically). There will be no processional, so we depend on you to be seated in the right place in order to receive the correct diploma.
* There will be a diploma ticket on your seat. It will be used to match you with your diploma during the ceremony.
* Awards and Honors will be presented and announced first.  Departmental awardees will be asked to approach the stage to receive their awards. Other students being recognized will be asked to rise in their place.
* When it's time for diploma distributuion, an usher will direct your aisle to rise and approach the stage. You will process in a single-file across the stage. You go forward onto the stage when your name is called with your namecard. A faculty member will be at the top of the steps to cue you when your name is called.
*Return to your seat immediately after exiting the stage, staying in line with your classmates.  Please remain seated until all graduates have received their diplomas and the ceremony has concluded.  

Other questions? Please get in touch will Jill Foster,, or 660-7320.