Departmental Information

As a Postdoc, you know how to navigate your way around a research lab.  How about a few tips on how Duke Biology administration works?

The administrative offices for Duke Biology are all located on the first floor of the Biological Sciences building rooms 131-151.

Jo Bernhardt is your Postdoc Liaison.  When in doubt, ask Jo in BioSci 139D.  Jo is also your Payroll Representative.

The Mailroom is in BioSci 137  When you join the department, your email is added to this listserv.  To email the group you must use the your email address on the listserv.

IT Support - Sasha Calden in BioSci 149 or the Help Desk in BioSci 151.  IT Help

Visas - Caroline Usher in BioSci 142

Reimbursements - Jim Tunney in BioSci 140

Teaching Effort Certification - see the Graduate School's Certificate in College Teaching or if you are simply looking for a letter, see Randy Smith.

Research Facilities