Philip N. Benfey

Paul Kramer Professor of Biology in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

130 Science Drive, Room 137, Duke Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
Duke Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-7338


  • Ph.D., Harvard University 1986

  • B.S., University of Paris (France) 1981

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Selected Grants

SHR Motifs Required for Movement and Activation awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2002 to 2006

16th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2005 to 2006

SHR Motifs required for movement and activation awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2002 to 2004

Regulation of the Orientation of Cell Expansion awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2002 to 2003