Lucia Carol Strader

Associate Professor in Biology

124 Science Drive, 3332 French Family Science Center, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-0335


  • Ph.D., Washington State University 2004

Van Norman, Jaimie M., Lucia C. Strader, and Rosangela Sozzani. “Editorial overview: Directionality and precision - how signaling and gene regulation drive plant development and growth.Current Opinion in Plant Biology 57 (October 2020): A1–3. Full Text Open Access Copy

Emenecker, Ryan J., Alex S. Holehouse, and Lucia C. Strader. “Emerging Roles for Phase Separation in Plants.Developmental Cell 55, no. 1 (October 2020): 69–83. Full Text

Wilkinson, Edward G., and Lucia C. Strader. “A Prion-based Thermosensor in Plants.Molecular Cell 80, no. 2 (October 2020): 181–82. Full Text

Mittag, Tanja, and Lucia C. Strader. “I Will Survive: How NPR1 Condensation Promotes Plant Cell Survival.Cell 182, no. 5 (September 2020): 1072–74. Full Text

Rinaldi, Mauro A., Ashish B. Patel, Jaeseok Park, Koeun Lee, Lucia C. Strader, and Bonnie Bartel. “The Roles of β-Oxidation and Cofactor Homeostasis in Peroxisome Distribution and Function in Arabidopsis thaliana.Genetics 204, no. 3 (November 2016): 1089–1115. Full Text

McGinnis, Karen M., Stephen G. Thomas, Jonathan D. Soule, Lucia C. Strader, Janice M. Zale, Tai-ping Sun, and Camille M. Steber. “The Arabidopsis SLEEPY1 gene encodes a putative F-box subunit of an SCF E3 ubiquitin ligase.The Plant Cell 15, no. 5 (May 2003): 1120–30. Full Text

Selected Grants

Auxin Response Factors as a model of transcriptional control awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2020 to 2025