Kenneth Daniel Poss

Professor of Biology

307 Research Drive, Nanaline Bldg Room 466 A, Durham, NC 27710
Campus Box: 
Duke Box 3709, Durham, NC 27710
(919) 681-8457
Modeling disease in zebrafish
Genetic approaches to organ regeneration
Cardiac regeneration
Appendage regeneration
Developmental biology


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Cardiology, Children's Hospital 2000 - 2003

  • Research Fellow, University of Utah 1998 - 2000

  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1998

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Selected Grants

Leveraging zebrafish models to dissect and enhance heart regeneration awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2020 to 2027

Genetic and Genomics Training Grant awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 2020 to 2025

Genetic approaches to skin regeneration in zebrafish awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 2020 to 2025

LIVE IMAGING OF BONE REGENERATION IN ZEBRAFISH awarded by National Institutes of Health (Co-Principal Investigator). 2020 to 2025

Advanced Immunobiology Traning Program for Surgeons awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 2019 to 2024

An integrative cellular blueprint of vertebrate tissue development awarded by University of California - San Diego (Co-Principal Investigator). 2018 to 2023

Dissecting the dynamics of vertebrate brain regeneration awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2020 to 2022

IRES Track 1 IRTG Engaged in Dissecting and Reengineering the Regulatory Genome awarded by National Science Foundation (Mentor). 2019 to 2022

Training Program in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 2001 to 2022

Multidisciplinary Heart and Vascular Diseases awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 1975 to 2022