Lincoln Larson

2003 Major: BS, Biology

Currently: Assistant Professor, NC State University — Raleigh, NC

How has being a Biology graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Tremendously. It helped me land field jobs, where I realized addressing complex conservation problems required knowledge of both natural and social (human) systems. I went back to grad school to earn degrees in "human dimensions" of natural resource management. I have been conducting research and teaching as a university researcher/professor in this field ever since."

What advice would you give students in Biology?

"Be prepared to learn from and interact with other disciplines too... particularly if you have ambitious in the field of natural resource conservation. Managing natural resources is ultimately about managing people, not resources. But the biology knowledge and skills you develop at Duke will serve you very well in any science-oriented profession. Try to engage in mentored research or internships whenever possible. That real world experience will prove invaluable."

Lincoln Larson
Assistant Professor, NC State University — Raleigh, NC