Three Duke Biology Faculty Listed in "Most Cited" List.

Duke’s leading scholars are once again prominently featured on the annual list of “Most Highly Cited Researchers.”

Thirty-seven Duke faculty were named to the list this year, based on the number of highly cited papers they produced over an 11-year period from January 2009 to December 2019.  Citation rate, as tracked by Clarivate’s Web of Science, is an approximate measure of a study’s influence and importance.

Three of these faculty are researchers in Duke Biology: Drs. Emily Bernhardt, Xinnian Dong and Sheng-Yang He.

Sheng-Yang He is a new faculty, recruited as part of the Science & Technology initiative.

This year, 6,127 researchers from 60 countries are being recognized by the listing. The United States still dominates, with 41 percent of the names on the list, but China continues to grow its influence, with 12 percent of the names.

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