Sheila Patek Named a Bass Fellow

Congratulations to new Bass Fellow Sheila Patek!  Sheila was named the Mrs. Alexander Heymeyer Professor of Biology on April 25.  The Bass Fellowships were established in 1996 by a gift from Anne T. and Robert Bass.  Their donation called for matching gifts from others, whose names would be attached to the 5-year professorial appointments.  The faculty remain members for life of the Bass Society of Fellows, which now numbers 106. 

Candidates are nominated by faculty and evaluated by a faculty committee for having achieved “true excellence in both research and teaching” and being good university citizens.  Sheila came to the fore through her discoveries of new biological phenomena and new frameworks for understanding the mechanical foundations of biological diversity, her success in undergraduate teaching, and her service to the university through the Muser website, connecting undergraduates to mentored research opportunities across campus..