Sarah Longo is the 2018 Outstanding Postdoc at Duke

Dr. Colin Duckett, Vice Dean for Basic Science, presented the award to Sarah.

Congratulations to Sarah Longo, who has been named the Outstanding Postdoc at Duke for 2018! Sarah was nominated by her mentor, Sheila Patek, who wrote, "Sarah has developed a novel and exciting postdoctoral research project that involves real-time analysis of elastic energy release and measurements of the power density of biological systems, such as trap-jaw ants and snapping shrimp. . . . She is curious about [other lab members'] projects, looks at details, and then dives in to help. . . . She has such a delightful way of combining curiosity with rigor that the whole lab has been energized and excited." A graduate student in the lab wrote, "Despite her work on three projects, Sarah can always find time to sit down and help me. . . . Sarah improves the quality of all research projects in the lab, not just her own."

Sarah is the first winner of the award from Biology for eight years. Our previous winners were Suzanne McGaugh (Noor Lab) in 2010  and Siobhan Brady (Benfey Lab) in 2007. The award was first given in 2006.

Three cheers for Sarah!

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Outstanding Postdoc Award