In Plain English: Terry Corliss

Terry Corliss started collecting insects at age 5 and progressed to fish, reptiles and eventually microbes.  Now she leads a hard-working team in the teaching labs, seen only when they venture above ground to remove boxes (sometimes disconcertingly marked “Live Animals”) from the mailroom.  The Lab Prep Team supports 6 courses and about 1400 students each academic year.  Every semester the labs have to roll out like clockwork, and the Prep Team had better have the materials ready when the students show up.  It’s a perfect job for a microbiologist who has no favorites among all the organisms she deals with.

Does anything ever go wrong?  Terry is cagey, but she does allow that occasionally Things Get Loose.  The slugs were easily tracked by their slime, but the tarantula cruising down the hallway was more worrisome. 

We are happy to report that heightened security is now in effect, including some carnivorous plants in the fruit fly lab.  Of course Terry gives the biggest props to the humans on her team:  Ewa, Patricia, Mark, Kathleen, Susan and Dianne!  Go, Team