In Plain English: Alyssa Perz-Edwards

Alyssa Perz-Edwards works far away on East Campus as Assistant Dean for pre-health majors. She works with many students but her special care is the Cardea Fellows Program. It serves diverse students hope for careers in health care by focusing on core knowledge in math and science. The Program employs advising, seminars and programs to create a "learning community." In their freshman year the Fellows take Alyssa's seminar on Medical Biology, studying case histories to learn how the progress of biological science has affected medical treatment. This joint experience creates a bond which will carry them through the rigorous pre-med curriculum. Alyssa most enjoys her individual advising sessions, in which she uses both objective and subjective measures to guide the student to their best course forward. When not shepherding undergraduates through the portals of college and career, Alyssa is a Girl Scout leader for second and third graders. In her next life she'll be a border collie.