Niba Nirmal Appointed Yale Ciencia Scholar

UPGG student Niba Nirmal has recently received two honors: she was named a 2020 Yale Ciencia Scholar, and she was featured in the Volunteer Spotlight of the Hub Farm Annual Report.

The Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development is a one-year program helping graduate students connect with mentors, network, develop career skills, and contribute through science outreach.  It includes video chats with role models, peer discussions, workshops and attendance at the AAAS meeting.  Only 40 students are selected nationally, so big congrats to Niba!

The Hub Farm serves the Durham Public Schools with educational opportunities in horticulture and animal science.  Raised by a single mother, Niba volunteers to help underprivileged youth as well as the whole community and loves sharing her knowledge of plant science.

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The Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development