News Shorts!

Congratulations to Professor Gustavo Silva! Gustavo's lab has been awarded a 5-year NIH R35 MIRA grant to study the roles of ubiquitin in translation control under stress.

Former Professor Bill Schlesinger and Professor and Chair Emily Bernhardt have published the fourth edition of Biogeochemistry: An Analysis of Global Change. This edition is dedicated to "planet Earth" and takes readers on a journey that extends from the Big Bang and the origins of elements in supernovae all the way to the latest understanding of modern climate change and the global element cycles of the Anthropocene.

Professor Jenny Tung explains the fundamentals of Primate Evolution in one of the first videos to roll out in Duke's Fundamental Concepts video series. Each episode features a Duke faculty member explaining an entire concept from beginning to end in roughly 10 minutes. Jenny's is called The Tangled Tree of Primate Evolution. Great job Jenny!

Finally, Professor and Dean Mohamed Noor has posted a new video about telomeres to his Youtube channel BioTrekkie Explains! In an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise Dr. Phlox uses telomeres to unravel a Vulcan conspiracy. Don't miss the thrilling conclusion!