New Agreement with Leica Enhances Light Microscopy at Duke

Lisa Cameron, Director of the LCMF

A new collaboration between Duke University and Leica Microsystems, Inc., has created the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence at the Light Micrscopy Core Facility, directed by Dr. Lisa Cameron.  The agreement brings three powerful new instruments to Duke, the stimulated emission depletion (STED) super-resolution microscope, the Deep in vivo Explorer (DIVE) multiphoton imaging microscope, and the Leica SP8 confocal.  This technology allows researchers to capture images and digital movies of the cellular and molecular processes of life.  Lawrence Carin, PhD, Duke’s Vice President for Research, thanked Cameron for her "incredible effort" building the collaboration.  Cameron in turn thanked her staff, Yasheng Gao and Benjamin Carlson, and advisors Profs. Daniel Kiehart (Biology) and Daniel Lew (Pharmacology and Cancer Biology), among others.

The LMCF houses more 22 microscope systems and nine image analysis workstations — including devices from Leica, Andor Technologies, Carl Zeiss Imaging, Olympus, General Electric, Hamamatsu, and Molecular Devices — across the core’s four campus locations.

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Duke & Leica Microsystems Establish Center of Excellence in Microscopy